BrainTap’s research validates how five key technologies work together to restore your brain’s natural balance.

  • Light Frequencies
  • Auriculotherapy
  • Beats and Tones
  • Guided Visualization
  • 10 Cycle-Holographic Music

Brain waves are electrical patterns produced when the brain’s neurons communicate with each other. These waves are measured using an electroencephalogram (EEG), which records the electrical activity in different parts of the brain. Each brain wave is associated with specific mental states, such as deep sleep, relaxation, and alertness. Brain waves play an important role in our daily lives, affecting our mood, behavior, and cognitive functions. Whenever brain waves are out of balance, stress is the likely culprit.

BrainTap uses a proprietary neuro-algorithm that results in full-spectrum brainwave activity. This allows for maximum neuroplasticity, making the brain more flexible and resilient, geared up and ready for optimal performance. With BrainTap, you can break free from chronic stress and burnout and achieve clear, focused thinking with the confidence to make better choices.

Significant Findings

  • Increased heart rate variability
  • Improved quality of sleep (sleep efficiency)
  • Increased parasympathetic activity
  • Decreased stress, worry, and irritability
  • Improved brain health (episodic memory)

In a Single Session…

  • 38.5% Improvement on the stress index scale
  • 27.3% Improvement on overall neurological markers
  • Increased heart rate variability
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